stage name danielle belmont birth date & age 12/1/82 & 33 occupation actress currently resides los angeles, ca status definitely, maybe.
who in the world am i? ah, that's the great puzzle.
danielle marilyn belmont was born and bred into a life substantially enriched by the notoriety, acclaim, and splendor that amounted the worth of her parents' names and ensuing reputations. she was the eldest child of the once star-crossed lovers - praised screenplay writer, christian belmont, who had left his first wife to begin anew lustful affair with his muse and the perpetual apple of his eye, sophia ames, a big-screen actress and true renowned starlet seemingly flawless in her presence and grace. it wasn't long before their meager flight of fancy resulted in an honest courtship, and christian took sophia's hand in marriage not long before danielle was born. christian's center of attraction was then drawn away from his work and he refocused it upon his new role within the fatherhood sphere, which for him was much more rewarding. danielle was an enchanting child of sorts and possessed an inviting, admirable nature likened to that of her mother - not only were people taken by her charm, but as she matured her physical attributes cultivated danielle into a classically beautiful young woman.

however, it was to be said that her parents' fleeting romance was every bit less than the tale of happily ever after that it appeared to be. even the notion and subsequent arrival of a second child, a daughter jillian, could fix what was then broken. things never seemed effortless - in fact, they were oftentimes complicated due to her mother and father's conflicts - and the belmonts were struck with one adversity and burden after the next, including a torrid love affair that shook the very foundation of their once happy home. in the spotlight they were the picture of perfection and no one suspected the adultery and betrayal that took place when the cameras finally ceased fire, but behind closed doors danielle's parents fought relentlessly. sophia in her all but desperate attempts to salvage the years of her youth slowly but surely began to stray away from her husband and kin, and grew a wandering eye, which merely served as a catalyst for the hardships that came next.

christian maintained his suspicions concerning his wife's affair, but it was the least of his concerns and his priorities always remained on his girls; seeing to that they were given an abundant, rewarding childhood despite his failing marriage. eventually, sophia became disgusted with her self-seeking, indulgent intentions and ended her adulterous relationship - not only did she seem ready, but was actually willing and hopeful to repair what she had left at home, bracing herself for the admittance of her selfish, wicked ways. it soon became a reality among many, but certainly not the most critical. while christian forgave her with the promise of putting forth every such strife in his lone being to put their family back together, just a mere four months later sophia was diagnosed with cancer. it caught everyone off guard, most of all danielle, who knew even at the ripe age of eight years young that her life's circumstances would never be the same.

while danielle's younger sister had been simply too naive - too fragile - at the time to fully weigh out the depth and impact of sophia's eventual death, danielle mourned silently for the loss of their mother when she passed after a year-long struggling battle that everyone had tried to overcome. left behind in the wreckage was a grieving widower and father of two flourishing daughters, neither of whom understood when he fled the country to western europe for three and a half months. - to be continued . . .

filmography: (2014) Into the Woods as The Baker's Wife (2013) The Great Gatsby as Mrytle Wilson (2013) Side Effects as Emily Hawkins (2012) Ted as Lori Collins (2012) "New Girl" as Julia (2 episodes) (2011) No Strings Attached as Emma Kurtzman (2011-2013) "How I Met Your Mother" as Naomi (2 episodes) (2010) Valentine's Day as Kara Monahan (2010) Morning Glory as Becky Fuller (2010) Date Night as Whipit (2010) Love and Other Drugs as Maggie Murdock (2009) 500 Days of Summer as Autumn - Girl at Interview (2009) Stop-Loss as Michelle (2007) "Chuck" as Lou (2 episodes) (2005) "Entourage" as Herself (5 episodes) (2005) The Illusionist as Sophie (2005) Red Eye as Lisa Reisert

facts • Born and raised in Los Angeles, California where she currently resides, however addtionally owns property in New York City, New York, where she frequently travels back and forth between.
• Proud, devoted mama to three pitbull rescues, Fonzy, Frank Sinatra, & Maggie Mae.
• affectionately nicknamed dani by the majority of her family and friends; she's most likely to answer to this.
• christened danielle marilyn belmont, her middle name is derived from her great grandmother on her mother's side.
• father is legendary screenplay writer and producer, Christian Belmont - her mother is critically acclaimed actress, Sophia Ames, who was especially popular during the late 1970's and early 80's before she died of cancer.
• danielle is unquestionably a die-hard animal and dog lover, and contributes to several charities as well as having volunteered for adoption placement at the spcaLA Center.
• studied journalism at usc for two and a half years, before taking leave to pursue her acting career. Eventually, Danielle was able to receive her BA in Communications with a Concentration in Journalism through on online program.
• is very active and works with a personal trainer three times a week. On her spare time she also enjoys jogging, kickboxing, pilates, and yoga. Used to complete in figure skating when she was younger.
• her idols and favorite actresses are Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, and Audrey Hepburn.
• Committed activist, blessed with an extensive background championing several causes to effect change, especially with regards to women in the developing world. Today, she focuses her energy to advocate for a myriad of causes including human rights and environmental initiatives because, in her words, "We all bleed the same blood. We all have hopes, dreams, fears, and wishes. We all live on the same planet. We all have to care for it, and care for one another. And we can do that through acts of kindness every day. We can do that by choosing to speak out against inequality and injustice. And we can do that by being conscious in terms of our choices, consumerism included." She often uses Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and her blog to raise awareness of world events and fundraisers in which she takes part. Most notably, over the past four years, she designed a limited-edition t-shirt for retailer Joe Fresh to raise awareness for LGBT equality, 100% of the proceeds going to the Human Rights Campaign, and launched her #30for30 campaign in 2012, fundraising as an ambassador for Pencils of Promise with a goal of raising $30,000 to build a school in a displaced village in Guatemala she had visited with the organization.

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